From Hermione to Diagon and Rubeus, Harry Potter books have been tripping fans up for years over how to pronounce certain words。


And now author J K Rowling has revealed that everyone has been saying Voldemort's name wrong as well。


While tweeting a fan of the books, Rowling revealed that the 't' at the end of the dark wizard's name is actually supposed to be silent。


Rowling confirmed that the French-style pronunciation is correct, though added: '...but I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who pronounces it that way.'


Fans were quick to point out that, spoken in the French fashion, the name of Harry's arch-nemesis sounds like the phrase 'vol de mort', literally translated as 'death flight'。

粉丝们很快指出,用法国时尚口语说起来,哈利死对头的名字听起来像“vol de mort”,这个词的字面含义是“死亡飞行”。

However, others pointed out that it could also be short for 'voleur de mort, which means 'death thief' or 'to steal from death'。

不过,也有人指出它也可以简称“voleur de mort,代表”死亡小偷”或“从死亡麾下溜走”的意思。

The translation seems appropriate, since Voldemort was stopped from dying after being magically linked with Harry while trying to cast the killing curse avada kedavra on him。


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